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Gunter Lange, Medienberater für soziale Einrichtungen, Cultural Events ManagerGunter Lange grew up in Schramberg in the Black Forest. As a youth he was an internationally successful decathlon athlete. Although training was intensive, he always took time to study the various cultures and people around the world as well as to learn a number of stringed musical intruments.

Lange has always been particularly interested in the culture of Native Americans, the Celtic music tradition, and in film and photography. Professional and private stations in his life have so far been France, Ireland, North America and Mexico, at all.

Lange, who is the father of a daughter, has the past few years regularly travelled to Indian Reservations in the USA and Canada. Through his interest and his knowledge of the culture and history of the Native Americans of North America he was given the honour of being the first European to work at the American Indian Film Institute (AIFI) and Festival (AIFF) from 2000-2001.

During this time Lange, together with the President of AIFI/AIFF Michael Smith and the AIFI team, organized the Annual American Indian Film Festival, the largest and longest running of its kind in North America. The "Tribal Touring Program", a mobile cinema project, that visits Indian reservations and offers digital video workshops and film festivals for young adults was founded by Lange together with Native American filmmakers and actors.

Gunter Lange, is the artist director of the North American Native Film Festival in Europe, which will present films from November 18 - 28, 2004 in Stuttgart and Zurich.

Gunter Lange lives and works as a media consultant, educator, musician, journalist and PR advisor in Konstanz on the lake, Bodensee.

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