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Hoka Hey! - Intercultural recreation program for German and Native American youth in Colorado (Southern Ute Indian Reservation) and California.

In 1999 Gunter Lange received the Lokale Agenda 21 Award from the city of Konstanz for his intercultural exchange program Hoka Hey! The project promotes solidarity and responsible contact with people and other cultures. Participation is open to German and Native American youth age 12 - 14. Some of the main goals of such an exchange are the personal and respectful contact with other cultures, adventure, and the experience with nature.

In the context of an "Indian Week" (1996) and the North American Film Week (1998) sponsered by the Children`s Cultural Center (KIKUZ Raiteberg), Konstanz children and youth have had first hand experience with Native American culture through the participation in workshops, games, and crafts as well as through personal contact with Native American youth and their chaperones. Since the "Indian Week" in the spring of 1996 there has been regular contact with the Native Americans as part of the Indian delegation who were accomodated by Konstanz families.

The contacts have been met with such great interest, that it is time now to initiate another visit - this time for German youth.

Partners cooperating with Gunter Lange:

Sonia Pe`taki Woman (Seneca Indian from California), Birgit Piontek (Land Art Artist from Konstanz, Germany), "Youthtracks", U.S. youth organization.

"The most difficult thing to learn is the ability to listen.
Through listening we learn our place in the universe."

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